About Us

The Data Estate Story

Who we are

We treat our business like our baby, and we believe you do too. We'd like to hear your story and help it come to life.

Data Estate is a Brisbane-based digital agency. We specialise in:
  • Responsive website development.
  • Native mobile application development.
  • Customer-focused maintenance and support.
We understand what it means to be in business - we treat ours like our baby. We promise to bring the same level of care, commitment and integrity to your business that we bring to our own.

Rolf Chen

Founder of Data Estate

Rolf is an experienced web and software developer with a desire to help small businesses maximise their effectiveness online through affordable and quality digital products.

A former Mobile Development Manager for the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW), Rolf has worked with a large number of small businesses, developing mobile apps and touchscreen kiosks. It gave him a detailed understanding of the challenges and frustrations facing small businesses in developing – and maintaining – an effective digital presence.

Rolf launched Data Estate to offer personalised and customised service, and to help business owners better understand their online digital needs.

I want to help business owners understand the product we’re building for them. I want the service to also be about education so that it will yield real benefits in the long run. I want people to be equipped with knowledge after the project, so that they know the things they can do to make that product work even better for them.

What's in the name?

data (noun): facts and information collected together for reference or analysis.
estate (noun): an area or amount of land or property.

The idea behind Data Estate is to create a large virtual location where your data can live and grow, and take on whatever form best connects you with your customers.

Think of it like this: your ‘estate’ - your virtual property - is all the data and content associated with your business. It’s everything your customers need to know about you.

To make it easy for people to access your ‘estate’ in ways that work for them, you create entry points offering different experiences (different ways of viewing your data). These ‘entry points’ are your public interface: websites, mobile apps, software.

Your data estate is a living, changing asset

Your data will grow and change over time, as will the way you present it to the world. The key to having a quality digital product is to get the data right from the start. Once your ‘estate’ is in good shape, it’s an easy step to create effective entry points.